Thursday, 26 October 2017

Road testing new IndigoBlu Acrylic Pouring Kit

Morning All,

Carolyn here with you today. I had the pleasure of attending the IndigoBlu Secret Retreat up in Retford last weekend. What a weekend it was with various new products being used prior to launch dates. If you get the chance I can thoroughly recommend this to you all. Crafting, creating and laughing all weekend, we all had such fun! Take a look at Kay's Facebook Live page that was shared on Saturday 21st October to see what it was all about.

So today I'm sharing a new product that will be coming your way on Kay's One Day Special on November 11th and 12th on Hochanda. I had the chance to road test this over the weekend and had a further dabble this week. You may have seen on various sites people showing what they've created using the 'Dirty Pour' technique, well let me tell you, Kay has made this so easy with her new kit.

Introducing the fantastic IndigoBlu Acrylic Pouring Kit......

Here's what can be created and the possibilities are endless with no two projects ever being the same. Below are 4 tiles that I created at the retreat over the weekend.

So after arriving home I couldn't wait to try this again. The most difficult thing is choosing what colours to use!

The next step is mixing the colours with the products from the kit plus a good quality PVA. I mixed these in small plastic shot glasses.

The colours are then poured into a plastic/paper cup and it is this mixture of colours that is poured onto the coaster.

I chose to use a MDF coaster to pour my paint onto so first I had to seal it with the coat of Black Gesso to prevent it soaking into the wood. This was then placed into a foil tray so it can catch the drips of paint. I then began to pour.

Once its poured I rotated it from side to side to allow the paint to flow to the edges of the coaster. As you can see gloves are a must unless you want to get covered in paint.

I did add black to the corners and swiped through it with a needle to add to the effect.

I then left this overnight to dry and below is my finished coaster.

I can guarantee you'll love this kit and probably become addicted to the 'Dirty Pour'.

So tune in to Hochanda on November 11th at 6pm for Kay's first show. I'm sure you'll be impressed!!

Happy crafting and thank you for joining me today.



  1. I've seen this done before and I love the way the colours swirl together and make a gorgeous pattern, and I'm sure this kit will be very popular. x

  2. These are gorgeous! Love the look of this kit - will be watching for sure! xxx

  3. Fantastic technique, these coasters look great, Cathy x