Thursday, 11 February 2016

An Altered Cigar Box with Indigoblu

I love cigar boxes, there are so many ways to alter them.  This small La Capitana box is 7" x 6" x 5," and is a fun box size to play with.  Lets see how I altered this beauty with IndigoBlu Slap It On, Red Rubber Stamps, Mega Flakes and Stencils.

I started with a piece of vintage sewing pattern laid out flat.  Using the Splattered Heart Dinkie stamp by Limor Webber, I stamped it once in an open area with no imagery on the pattern, this is on purpose for later in the project.

Once you have stamped the heart, using the same ink and the Indigoblu 6" x 6" Texture stencil, ink the entire pattern sheet covering the whole surface.

 Prepare the surface of the cigar box.

I got my first chance to use the IndigoBlu Slap It On medium to apply the stenciled and stamped sewing pattern directly to the box.

Doing one side at a time, cover with Slap It On (matte).  Add torn pieces of the pattern that will cover the entire surface, then pull off the excess all the way around.  As you move around the box, just push down the excess paper around the edges using the Slap It On.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Remember the Dinky Heart we stamped earlier, use that portion of the pattern on the top of the box.

Now we are going to cover a white chipboard pocket watch with Mega Flakes.  Prepare the surface with FlitterGlu, let stand for a moment then cover with Chocolate Box Mega Flakes and scour to complete the finish.

Once completed, I started to assemble the front of the box by adding a 1920s photo in the pocket watch (you could use a vintage image from the A6 Lost Family Mixed Media Paper collection), a Prima flower, some beads and chain along with burlap to give it all a vintage feel. Have fun putting it all together.

Add some stamped butterflies from the new A5 Floral Fantasy set around the box.

 I also stamped a butterfly onto the sewing pattern, cut it out and added it to the front ribbon flower.

I hope you give these techniques a try.  Feel free to visit my blog at for more IndigoBlu inspiration.

Candy Rosenberg


  1. this is wonderful - great techniques - thankyou xx

  2. Love it! Love your use of sewing pattern tissue. Thanks for the inspiration, i have tons of old sewing patterns that I can now put to good use 😊