Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Bird Tag

Hello and welcome to the IndigoBlu Blog!   It’s my, Kay M, turn to share a project with you today, and I’ll be using one of the fabulous new stencils- the humming bird in flight.

This tag uses a technique I used recently with Luscious Powders and GrafixArts Double Tack adhesive sheet, it gives a lovely soft look effect with added sparkle!

 Place an burnish Double Tack on white GrafixArts chipboard and cut out a tag shape (8cm x 16cm) and an eyelet reinforcer, peel off the backings.

Tap clear embossing ink over the bird stencil and place that side down onto the exposed sticky sheet and lightly press so it just makes contact.    

Brush the Luscious powders, I used Teal, Poseidon Blue, Mermaid Tresses, Lawn and also Fizzy Pop for the beak and feet, one at a time into the cut out areas on the stencil.  Black glitter was used for the eye.  Bush off the excess and peel off the stencil.

Take care as the sticky surface will attract stray powders and dust! 
Add Luscious powders to the eyelet and then place this onto the tag.   Work Porcelain Luscious powder all over the tag and remove excess with a soft brush.

  On 2.5cm x 4.5cm piece of white chipboard adhere Double Tack and peel off the backing.   Stamp with your choice of sentiment ( used one from Victorian Garden) with Archival ink directly onto the adhesive. 
Brush Porcelain Luscious over the text and one of the colours around the edges.  

  To finish the tag, apply dark blue pen to all the raw edges then attach the sentiment and tie the ribbon through the hole and trim.   

I do hope you enjoyed this way of using the fabulous Luscious powders, it would work with all the IndigoBlu stencils and other Luscious powders.

Take care,  Kay M

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  1. Beautiful Kay and thank you for sharing another New way to use the Luscious Powders xx