Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Hello Jannet here today, I hope everyone is having lots of fun with their Indigoblu goodies. Are you going to Ally Pally on 8th & 9th April it should be a wonderful crafty day out!

Whenever I am creating a little crafty project, I can't seem to help making up a story to go with it! So I am delighted that this month we have been asked to create a story!


There once was a lovely young lady, who was a little different from all of the other girls her age.She was kind and thoughtful, but she just didn't seem to fit in.

One sunny spring afternoon she was sitting alone in the forest, trying very hard not to weep. When suddenly.... she heard a twinkling sound. She looked up, but at first she couldn't see anything making the magical sound. Then she turned her head a little to the right, and smiling over at her was the most beautiful Unicorn! She rubbed her eyes in disbelief, but he really was real !

"Hello" he said in a friendly Unicorn sort of a way. "Could you please help me " asked the Unicorn "I think I am lost, and I can't see any other Unicorns around."I am feeling a bit scared a.n.d...well lonely"

"Where do you want to go ?" asked the young lady smiling.

"I'm not sure" replied the Unicorn "Somewhere I won't feel different I just want to fit in, and be loved" replied the Unicorn.

The young lady wheeled over to the Unicorn and reached up and wrapped her arms around him.She held him as tightly as she could and the Unicorn sighed a deep and happy sigh.

"You can come home with me"she whispered, "I will love you forever, and look after you."

"And I you." replied the Unicorn.

If you ever see a trail of sparkles anywhere you can be sure the young lady and her Unicorn were there!


I started creating my picture by stamping Caitlin onto some watercolour paper, and then stamping her again on some masking paper.I cut her out of the masking paper and placed her over the top of her corresponding image on the watercolour paper.

Next I stamped Jewel the lovely Unicorn over the top of Caitlin, after removing the mask he appears as if he is behind her.

I painted in some cloudy skies and spring grass. I added some colour to Jewel with watercolours, and of course I added the all important Unicorn Sparkles to his mane!

To create the tree branches I used some fine texture paste, and when dry I painted over them.You can also mix acrylic paint into your texture paste before applying. The branches needed some spring blossom, so I painted a piece of card with iced gem paint and a random sprinkling of Raspberry Luscious.

Which created many differing shades of shimmering pink.

I die cut lots of little flowers from the card. To add some shape to each flower I placed it over the top of my paint brush and cupped it around it.

Some flowers needed a little more colour, and I added a dot to the centre.I adhered each flower onto the branches.

Wishing you many happy magical days.

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  1. This is fabulous and loving the little tale. The blossom looks fabulous too!
    Linda xxx

  2. I love your lady and unicorn and the sweet little story Jannet. How patient of you to attach all those little flowers, but it was worth it because they look fantastic. x