Friday, 5 August 2016

Magical Unicorn Gift Box

Good Morning I hope everyone is having a very happy summertime. Jannet here today.
For my first project I thought I would create a magical land for Jewel the gorgeous Unicorn to live. I started by selecting a box from my " that will be useful one day" pile. I wanted the 3D scene to be on the lid, so I set the bottom part of the box aside.

The magical castle needed to be on a slight hill, so I glued an empty ribbon reel onto the top left corner. This was all covered in modelling paste. If you press the flat side of a spatula down into the paste and pull it up you are left with some cute little peaks.

I stamped and painted Jewel and the castles. Now you cannot have a Unicorn without Unicorn Sparkles! Yes.. Yes Unicorn Sparkles really do exist! I added some sparkle to Jewel's mane and tail. I fussy cut all the images, but left room for a tab at the bottom as this will be pushed through a slit in the top of the box and folded back underneath so the images will stand up.

A magical land is not complete without stars. So I reached for my star stencil, and after securing it with a low tac tape I started spreading Super Thick Slap It On into it.After carefully removing the stencil,I sprinkled on the Unicorn Sprinkles!

Ooh look at the result - Starry, Sparkly gorgeousness! It was so easy to do too!

I cut out the sparkly stars, and twisted some thin silver wire into a spiral and glued the stars onto the wire. A sewing needle made just the right size hole in the lid to slide the wire into, a dab of glue kept it in place.
When the modelling paste was nice and dry, I gave it two coats of Peppermint Tea paint, and added some other shades of green and pink. A lovely carpet of Unicorn Sprinkles and some glitter flakes and clear gems finished off the Magical Land.
Happy Magical crafting!

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  1. Fabulous project Jannet it looks so magical, Elizabeth xx

  2. It so magical. Lovely and beautiful, Jannet!

  3. Absolutely magical...i adore thisxx

  4. This is magical and would make a lovely treasure box for any little princess with that soft colour palette and all the sparkle.

  5. This is just delightful and as fun as can be! Now I want a birthday cake to match! It just screams of joy and dreams! Really a great way to kickoff your term. Hugs, Autumn