Sunday 5 February 2017

Jane Austen

Wishing everyone a very happy month of February! This month we are concentrating on everything love related.One of English Literatures most famous romantic writers was Jane Austen. Amongst many other classic novels she of course wrote "Pride and Prejudice".I thought that it would be fitting to pay a her a special tribute, she did give us Mr Darcy after all!

I began by stamping Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, and fussy cut them.
I die cut Jane Austin's name, but alphabet stamps would be great too, or if unlike me you have nice handwriting it could be handwritten which would be even better!

For the background I made up a watery mix of blue and pink Watercolours. I added some iridescent medium to the mix to give it a slight sparkle. I then generously spritzed a sheet of watercolour paper with water. I lay both the Watercolours onto the paper and they flowed and merged together.
When dry I cut the piece for my background, and on the remainder I stamped the leaves and fussy cut them. I also drew a rough circle and cut it out, and cut a spiral shape starting from the edge of the circle leaving a circle in the centre.

Starting on the outside I rolled up the spiral to form a rose.When I reached the centre I glued the rolled rose onto the centre circle.

I stamped the lace border onto a 7x7 inch 17.78cm card blank. I added a little glitter with a clear sparkle pen onto the stamped lace.I also added some glitter to the rose and to the leaves.

Once all the pieces were completed I maneuvered them around the card until they looked nice, (they moved around a few times!) and then finally glued them all down in place.
For a finishing touch I stamped the Lace border onto the bottom front of the envelope.
We would love to see what you make, so why not join in this months challenge and also join us all in the I Love Indigoblu Facebook group and share all of your ideas and makes !

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  1. What a pretty card Jannet and the silhouettes go beautifully and the added flower and leaves using a piece of the inked background paper, and also tbe lace stamped down the side, enhance it so prettily, The die cut name is a great finishing touch too. x

  2. This is wonderful Janet!
    Linda xxx

  3. A beautiful tribute to Jane Austin Jannet the colours are so subtle, fabulous idea to cut the images to use as silhouettes & indeed *Thank you for Mr Darcy :)) x