Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Industrial Valentine

Today we have Brand Ambassador Louise Withers sharing a valentine project with us. 
1, Emboss card using industrial folders, I used 4 different ones. Cut them into shapes 
and arrange on a large tag, in a mosaic pattern. Do the same with a half heart shape.
2. Paint everything with white gesso, when dry spray or dry brush with black gesso, but 
don't totally cover the tag. 
3. Then dry brush with bonfire, then coco, then black, then teal. Keep building up the 
4. When happy rub over with a graphite stick or pencil to bring out all the textures. 
5. For the heart use postbox, teal, choc  and black and repeat with graphite. 

6. Stamp splat then emboss. 
7. Place heart where you want it and draw round it. Use this to help you cut the mesh. 
8. Paint mesh with coco and bonfire, cut out heart shape but leave attached at one point 
and fold it out. I also added puff paint too. 

9. Stick down the heart, place the mesh over the whole tag and I've folded over the top 
and bottom to attach it. 


  1. This tag card is fabulous Louise and love all the wonderful texture, a great inspirational piece. x

  2. This is fantastic! I love the design.
    Linda xxx

  3. Great embossing on your tag elements, love the heart and wire mesh - so industrial looking! x