Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Dirty Weekend- With IndigoBlu on Tour

Hello there, I thought I would write a post about the IndigoBlu Dirty weekends as I have had a lot of people asking me about them and thought sharing the Information would help those of you who are still deciding.

We have received so much positive feedback from customers about the workshops I have asked two of the ladies to write about their experiences which you can read further down the page.

The dates for the remaining 2 day workshops are:-

The workshops are led by Kay Halliwell-sutton and help from her best friend Lou Withers from 10am-5pm each day with a break at lunchtime (Please provide your own lunches).
All Materials will be supplied within the cost. 
Kay will be showing you how to decorate your very own Canvas with lots of techniques, hints and tips on how to build up the layers of the face and the surrounding images. 
There will be more but I don't want to spoil that surprise!
All you need to bring with you is the following: 
Apron, 1 cm Paint Brush, Blending Tool, Heat tool, Pair of Strong Scissors, Knife, Cutting Mat, Pencil & Ruler.
Alfie will be running the IndigoBlu Shop throughout the day, so you can buy supplies to build up your crafty stash! Who doesn't like to do a bit of crafty shopping!
*Total Cost for the 2 days is £175.00  and when you go to book on the IndigoBlu website it says from £50 which is the deposit amount.
*Each hotel charges different rates for the rooms so when booking please ask to speak to the Events Coordinator as Alfie has negotiated a reduced rate with them.
But don't just take it from me about these workshops being a bit special. Here are the testimonials from a couple of ladies who have attended one of these workshops.

From Wendy Wallace
From initial shock at being presented with a large blank canvas to going home with a finished piece to be proud of, Kay guided us through a range of techniques using the fabulous IndigoBlu products. The pace was geared to ensuring everyone grew in confidence and succeeded, with a mix of group demos and individual support and the techniques taught have been easy to transfer to other projects done at home since. Add to that a great venue, the company of other crafty folk, lots (and I mean lots!) of laughter and the lovely Alfie running the pop up shop with discounts on all our purchases, and you couldn’t want a better crafting weekend. Can’t wait for next year’s dates to be released so I can do it all again!

From Clare Calver
I first came across Indigoblu when I saw Kay on Hochanda demonstrating the spiffing art journal bundle with 5 steampunk paints. I'd only recently started watching Hochanda and didn't really know what an art journal was, but loved the look of the products and demos and the art being created, so I ordered it. As soon as I got the order I was hooked on the brand because the quality of the products was brilliant.

Since then I've watched many shows, bought many more products and it has become my favourite mixed media brand by a long way as I just love everything they do. When I saw mention of the Dirty Weekend workshops, I instantly wanted to go to one. Modern life is too busy and I rarely get time to enjoy messing craft time in extended periods around everything else, and two whole days sounded amazing! It took me a little while to afford it, but hey, I'd decided it was a treat to myself, and I was going to go. When I mentioned it to my friend (a newbie to indigoblu) she was unsure but decided to come too as a weekend of art and no children/housework/cooking seemed too good to turn down.

When the weekend came, several months later I was so looking forward to the me time. And also a little excited to meet Kay as I was such a fan. We'd also booked a room at the hotel the workshop was being run at, so when we got there the kindly receptionist looked after our bags for us while we went to the function room. When we walked in, I saw a treasure trove of indigoblu products for sale (with a lovely discount) and I saw Kay smiling away chatting and have to confess I felt a little star struck! She was the famous clever lady from telly after all! She welcomed us, introduced us to Alfie (finally, a face to the name) and Lou and we got little name tags personally handmade by Lou. This was a lovely touch. I already felt special.

After everyone arrived we got cracking on our first piece of the weekend, which was taught step by step by Kay herself showing us in stages what to do. It was broken down so well it was impossible for any of us to go wrong, and if we needed any help, Kay and Lou were right there to help. We ended up running slightly over on time but by the end, everyone in the room had created a portrait of a lady with flowing hair. When they were all drying it was amazing to see as they were all so different, but all really lovely. That shows how well everyone was taught. It was so relaxing and enjoyable and I felt I'd really achieved something. In fact I have since framed it and hung it, and that's the only piece to have ever made it to my wall!

At the end of the day, Kay and Lou said that if anyone was staying over at the hotel, they'd put on an extra treat of a little practical demo of other things, so after we'd popped to our room to freshen up, we went to that. It was really good and I picked up lots of tips from it. In fact I cannot stress enough that while Hochanda shows are great, you learn so much more at a workshop. After this, my friend and I went to eat at the hotel restaurant (which was very nice) and had an early night as we were tired and wanted to be nicely refreshed for the next day. Sunday was spent playing with many delicious luscious colours creating a mini journal and some pages. I should also add that there were copious free drinks and biscuits provided throughout the day! When it was time to leave, we helped tidy up a bit as there was a lot to do and I'm sure Kay must have been worn out! As people were leaving I noticed Kay and Lou thanking everyone individually for coming and for their support. What struck me was the absolute sincerity of their thanks, and this is something that means a lot. I can honestly say that while indigoblu is a business, it really isn't about making a whole ton of money. I can see Kay's passion and her desire to make everyone into an artist. To give people the tools, knowledge and confidence to create art that they enjoy. It was that sincerity and absolute gratitude that really stood out, and I love everything about Indigoblu. To sum up, the weekend was fantastic and I cannot wait to go to another!

Places are filling up fast so if you fancy a bit of time for yourself and  learn a few new techniques, plus have a good laugh with like minded crafters this may be, just the weekend get-a-way for you.
Happy Crafting,
Sue xx

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