Friday, 6 October 2017

Oscar's Wild Poppy Couture

Hi there Elizabeth here with another new project to share with you.

I absolutely love decorating the Mannequins we have at IndigoBlu. I start by fitting the base together, before giving that and the body a coat of White GeeSsoGood.

Aha and what's this donut shapes piece of white wax paper for.............well I know what I'm going to use it for it's a ready made skirt!

Given a quick coat of Peppermint Tea Cottage Garden paint to create a little tooth, I stamped over two of these using the new Wild Poppy stamp set and Black GeeSsoGood.

The stamped images weren't crisp as it was a wax surface that had been scrunched up, but I really loved the effect, and so added the branches in the same way.

I diluted Stroke of Midnight and brushed the colour over the top of the flowers, this really reminds me of the beautiful almost distressed floral fabrics from the 50's.

I decided which one would be my bottom layer of the skirt, and gave it a little scrunch before adding it to the Mannequin.

Then I added a few black sequins to the flower centres on what would be the top layer of the skirt, well you know me and sequins by now, I just can't resist.

I created a bodice with black satin ribbon and lace, to compliment the black sequins, and gave her a choker of beautiful crocheted thread with sequins.

Sat upon the top of the body is a beautiful cystal knob, which catches the light.

So there you have my homage to Oscar De La Renta and a bygone time of stunning couture cocktail dresses.

Happy Crafting.
Elizabeth x


  1. This is a very prettily designed dress Elizabeth and love the beautiful poppies on the skirt which are complemented by the black satin ribbon and lace and the crystal knob looks great on the top. x

  2. So, so elegant! Love this Elizabeth xx

  3. Very pretty.
    Are you from UK? If so there is a great history of fashion at Chatsworth house near Baslow , the house is worth visiting but the history of fashion and the pieces on display thoughout the house are just brilliant.

  4. Fabulous Elizabeth, love the poppies and gorgeous colour!
    Linda xxx

  5. Oh wow, definitely couture and the little knob is perfect on top!! xx

  6. I love her skirts! Beautiful!

  7. Wow, that's absolutely stunning !!!! XXX